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Q: Can I use UCord magnetic cable plug for UCord Lux?

A: Unfortunately Not. They are not compatible for eachother.

Q: Dose UCord Lux support fast charging and data transfer?

A: No. UCord Lux can only be used for regular speed charging.

Q: Is the UCord cable MFI certified?

A: UCord products are not MFI certified. However, the UCord cable works and syncs perfectly with all Apple products and does not inflict damage to Apple products. It also All UCord products have embedded smart chips that allows them to support tethering and syncs effortlessly with iTunes.

Q: Will any of UCord magnetic products damage my device in the long run?

A: No, UCord magnetic products such as our cables and adapters will never damage your phone. The magnetic strength is just enough to offer a strong connection but not strong enough to damage your phone, you have nothing to worry about! 

Q: When disconnecting my cable or adapter the magnetic tip comes out from my device, did I get a faulty product?

A: This is often not an issue with the magnetic tip, but rather your devices charging port is most likely worn out. When using a traditional cable you have to insert it in and out of your device(s) port countless times every year, this causes the port to stretch or even damaged in some cases. The good news however is that there is a solution, all you need to do is to remove it in an angle, not straight off the device. Another great thing is when you get a new device next time, by using a UCord magnetic product you won't ever damage your ports again.

Q: How will my order be shipped?

A: All orders will be shipped with tracking number(s) and will be delivered in most cases by your local or national postal service.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: If you have any unpleasant purchaseing experience, kindly contact us by We will help you out.

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