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Best USB C MagSafe? UCord MagThunder adapter test

MagSafe, this old MacBook magnetic charging design is something that combined creativity and functionality. MagSafe not only makes charging easier, but also prevent your computer get damaged from accidental drag or pull.


Because of the powerful USB Type C, apple removed MagSafe on their following Macbook products. However, for something like MagSafe, you are gonna fall in love with it once you have tried. So, many factory start making magnetic USB C adapters just look like MagSafe. But as for the performance, it is awkward. Commonly a magnetic adapter on the market has about 12V charging capacity and USB 2.0 standard data transfer. It is far from the capacity of a thunderbolt 3 USB C port on a Macbook Pro.


Today I want to introduce you UCord MagThunder. It support 40Gbps date transfer, 100W charging capacity and maximum 8k video transmission. It turns your thunderbolts 3 USB C port to MagSafe and keeps the thunderbolt 3 standard capacity.


Ⅰ. UCord MagThunder’s Appearance

UCord MagThunder has a stainless steel shell, plating surface, which create a mirror effect. A LED indicator in the front.

When working, LED indicator shows white light.

UCord MagThunder is very small, the size is about a quarter.

UCord MagThunder has two parts. USB C M, USB C F

Inside look of USB C M side, 24pin

Another side is USB C F

Close look of USB C F side

Two parts can stand still with a at least 3cm distance. The strong magnet make sure it’s stable when use.

Reversible 24 pin design, connect from any angle

The 24 pin made thunderbolt 3 standard possible. Support 40Gbps, 100W charging, maximal 8K video transmission.

UCord MagThunder made connection really easy. When the two parts are close enough, magnetic field will connect them automatically. Give you back the MagSafe experience.

When accidental drag or pull happens, the two parts will automatically go separate, prevent fall and damage to your computer.

And it doesn’t block the other port.

UCord MagThunder’s design is perfectly match the style of Macbook, so even not charging, you can left it on your computer, it also stops from dust getting inside.


Ⅱ. UCord MagThunde charging and data transfer test

  1. Charging Test

Using apple 61W PD adapter for MacBook Pro. Result: Voltage 20.22V, current 2.91A, power 58.84W. PD fast charging enabled.

UCord MagThunde not only can be used for MacBooks, it is compatible with any USB C device. When use on Xiaomi Air notebook with a 61W PD adapter we got: 20.22V, 2.79A and 56.56W, PD fast charging is enabled.

However that is not the max power of UCord MagThunde. When using ANKER 100W PD adapter charge a ZENDURE 100W PD power bank. We have voltage: 19.64V, Current: 5.02A, Power: 98.66W, PD fast charging is enabled. And reaches the thunderbolt 3 standard.


  1. Data Transfer Test

Next, let’s test data transfer. I used a 500GB Samsung X5 SSD with thunderbolt 3 port to transfer data with a Macbook Pro.

First, I run a test without using UCord MagThunde. We got write speed 1883MB/s and read speed 2338MB/s for the Samsung X5 SSD. This is the max speed for a SSD.

Next, let’s connect UCord MagThunde. The SSD got 1875MB/s write speed, 2331 MB/s read speed, almost same. Result: SSD reaches max speed with UCord MagThunde connected.


  1. Video Transmission Test

Connect MacBook Pro to a 4K TV through UCord MagThunde, USB C to HDMI converter and a HDMI cable. The TV plays smoothly.


Ⅲ. Conclusion

UCord MagThunde has great mirror effect by platting technique. It inherited the idea of MagSafe which is very user friendly and even makes your laptop safer.


As for performance, with the 24 pin points, UCord MagThunde support 40Gbps data transfer, 100W fast charging and at least 4K video transmission.


UCord MagThunde give your USB C (thunderbolt 3) the experience of MagSafe, and it also keep the performance of thunderbolt 3. It is the best thunderbolt 3 magnetic adapter now on the market.





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